Our Story

Welcome to the 2023-24 school year. The faculty, staff, and administration of Randallstown High School are more committed than ever to our mission to inspire, encourage and strengthen each member of our school community.

Randallstown High School stands ready to support each student and family. In addition to information that is available for parents and caregivers through the Focus portal, please also continue to visit our school’s webpage for updated information and support resources.

Below, please find the administrators and counselors assigned to each student by grade and last name. As you and your child navigate online learning, or you encounter needs for social or emotional supports during this difficult time, please reach out to either your child’s administrator or counselor for support in making this semester a successful one.

RHS Administrator Caseloads

Cherrie Williams
Grade 9 Administrator & Grade 10 [Letters A-K]

Danyelle Maddox
Grade 11 Administrator & Grade 10 [Letters L-Z]

Mr. Andrew Deming
Grade 12 Administrator 

RHS Counselor Caseloads

Kristina Boxley 
Grade 12 Counselor

Jennifer Stine 
Grade 9 Counselor

Melissa Turner
Grade 10 Counselor

Brielle Morris  
Grade 11 Counselor

Sharon Winston
RHS College & Career Counselor