End of Year Assessment Calendar

Please note the following testing window for End-of-Year Assessments.  If your child is in one of these courses, they will be tested during the dates listed.

If your child is in the Virtual Learning Program, please note that there are specific dates for them to be tested.  Your students should report to the Randallstown High School library at 7:30am to test.

If you have questions about testing, please contact Ms. Smith at [email protected]

Algebra 1 MCAP Assessment: May 2-May 6

      VLP students:  May 5 and May 6 at 7:30am in the RHS library

American Government HSA:  May 9- May 18

      VLP students:  May 12 and 13 at 7:30am in the RHS Library

Living Systems MISA:  May 9-May 18

     VLP students:  May 12 and 13 at 7:30am in the RHS Library

ELA MCAP 10:  May 16-May 27

       VLP students:  May 16-20


Welcome Back to RHS 2021/22

Randallstown High School’s return to in-person learning will begin on August 30th, 2021. Each family that has selected in-person learning will have their student in school each day, every week. Please use this site to find all resources related to COVID for Baltimore County Public Schools. Please review BCPS Safety is Our True North.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
• Students will enter through the main lobby from the front bus loop.
• Students will be dismissed through three separate exits to allow for spacing and quick access to their departure location(s). Bus riders meet their bus in the front bus loop. Buses will depart both the front lots.
• No vehicles outside of busses are permitted in the bus loop during arrival or departure. Parents should remain in their vehicles during drop-off/pick up and use the parking lots to loading/unloading students.

Face Covering Requirements 
All persons, regardless of vaccination status must wear a face covering while inside a school. Exceptions to this requirement are:
• The person is alone in a private space.
• The person is eating or drinking.
• The person has a documented physical or developmental disability that makes wearing a mask unsafe.
• The person is under the age of two.
• The person is a student-athlete engaged in the sport in the field of play.

Social Distancing Requirements:
The physical distancing of students from each other and between students and adults will be provided to the greatest extent possible, considering school enrollment and facility constraints.
Strategies include:
• Use of the classroom, cafeteria, and exterior spaces to provide separation between students. • Plans for arrival, dismissal, and change of classes to reduce gathering of students in any area.
• Restriction of field trips to day trips only, with plans to reduce exposure to large crowds.
• Plans for supervision of restrooms, locker rooms, and school lockers (by request) to prevent congregation of students.

Screening & Testing
• All families should screen students for symptoms prior to leaving home, each day.
• Remain home if you have symptoms, confirmed COVID-19 illness had recent contact with a person with COVID-19 and/or awaiting test results.
• Please use this checklist to determine if a student should or should not go to school.
• Persons with COVID-19 symptoms in school will be required to be tested or will be placed on quarantine, in alignment with guidance from Maryland Department of Health. 

Breakfast & Lunch
• Cafeteria furniture is arranged to provide separation between students with air filtration. Exterior spaces and preferential locations will also be utilized to support student needs/choices.
• Handwashing and use of hand sanitizer to include before and after meals, upon arrival to schools’ cafeteria.
• Breakfast and Lunch will be accessible for all students

Hand Hygiene Requirements:
Employees and students have been instructed to adhere to best practices in hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Times for handwashing or use of hand sanitizer to include before and after meals, upon arrival to schools’ offices and home, before and after use of any shared items, after use of the restroom, after sneezing/coughing and other time hands are contaminated. 

• To visit a BCPS school, visitors must have an appointment.
• Visits will be conducted remotely or outside, when possible.
• If an indoor visit is required, visitors will be required to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.
• The number of people admitted to the building will be limited. 

Supplies & Devices
• Students should bring a fully charged student device, earbuds, and their device charger to school daily.
• Students should bring any other supplies they require for learning. There will be no shared supplies.
• Students will have access to lockers, by request 

Cleaning/Disinfecting Requirements:
BCPS staff will continue to provide safe and clean school environments by ensuring daily cleaning of buildings using Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved germicidal agents that kill coronavirus.
BCPS staff will:
• Perform frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-contact surfaces and any shared items, at least daily.
• Promote hand washing before and after-touch of shared use items.
• Maintain sufficient supplies of soap, paper towels, and hand sanitizer. 

Athletics /Extra-Curricular
• This site contains current information for mitigation related to athletics in BCPS.
• RHS students will not have access to locker rooms, unless changing for an extra-curricular sport or storing belongings for Physical Education
• All athletic events will have reduced seating and ticket sales.
• For outside events, fans with tickets can bring lawn chairs to secure seating away from other spectators, but not on the playing field/track or inside the fenced area 

2021/22 Transportation Information

The attached file is four pages. Please click on the link below to view the RHS Transportation Schedule. A new window will open with the information. Please be certain to read through the entire documen

Click Here


Parent Access fo Schoology

Starting August 23, 2021, parents will be able to log in to Focus (BCPS’s Student Information System) and Schoology (BCPS’s Learning Management System). In order to sign up, parents will need to create a parent account with the same email address that they provided to their school and as long as the parent is marked in Focus as having educational access, they will gain access to their student’s information (the system takes up to 30 minutes to process these accounts). Within 48 hours, their parent connection in Schoology will be established. There is a link within Focus that will take parents directly to Schoology. If a parent clicks the Schoology link before the connection is established, the parent will receive an error message.  Parents can contact their school to resolve any issues with this process. 

Meet BCPS Face of the Week: Marcellis McQueen, Rising Randallstown Senior

“Randallstown has a family feel, and I appreciate every moment of it. You can talk to any teacher, any staff person. They all really care. There is something for everyone at our school.” - Marcellis McQueen
Marcellis C. McQueen

As early as Grade 1, Marcellis was determined to become an educator, like his mother. The only issue was that he never saw male teachers. Not in elementary school. Not as he began middle school. 

But as his education continued, opportunities to join Educators Rising at (then) Old Court Middle School, meeting diverse male educators at Randallstown High School, connecting with mentors such as Douglas Handy, now executive director of equity and cultural proficiency, and participating in programs like the Black Male Teachers College at Bowie State University, have steadied Marcellis on the course toward becoming an educator and advocate.

Handy says of Marcellis, "His goal is to be a teacher, and he will be amazing: igniting fire in his students and helping them to set goals and work toward them. I know this because he is modeling it right now.”

Learn more about Marcellis and his story in the newest Face of the Week blog post.


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