Academy of Finance

Mission Statement

The Academy of Finance is a college-preparatory program. Its mission is to encourage high school students to major in Finance and Economics while completing basic state requirements for the high school diplomas. The program will satisfy University of Maryland requirements as well as the Academy of Finance Career Technology Education Completer. Graduates also receive a Certificate of Financial Studies.

About the Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance Program at Randallstown High School is affiliated with the National Academy Foundation.

Students who complete all requirements for the Academy of Finance are awarded a Certificate of Financial Studies.

The Academy consistently ensures that its curriculum, and instruction, and internship opportunities remain consistent with student needs and expectations.

The Academy has an on-going system to recruit and maintain its Advisory Board, with members who fully support the program, reflect the community, and provide career and/or postsecondary connections for students.

Teachers will combine academic and occupation-related classes as a way to enhance real-world relevance and maintain high academic standards.

Local employer partnership will provide program planning, guidance, mentors, and work internships.

Selection Criteria

Selection for the Academy of Finance will be based on the following student profile:

  • Middle school average grades of 2.5 or better.
  • Excellent attendance and punctuality.
  • A personal interview demonstrating a positive attitude and eagerness to learn.
  • Special interest in studying Business and Finance.
  • Well-written paragraph demonstrating an understanding of the Academy of Finance program.

Course of Study

  • Banking and Credit (Honors)
  • Career Strategies
  • Software and Computer Application I
  • Software and Computer Application II
  • Economics and World of Finance (Honors)
  • Financial Planning (Honors)
  • International Business (Honors)
  • Keyboarding
  • Principles of Accounting (GT)

Academy of Finance students are encouraged to enroll in Randallstown's Chinese Courses.

Academy Related Activities

  • Compensated Summer Internship at the end of Junior Year
  • Shadowing/Mentoring Experience

Academy Related Activities are embedded in the Curriculum and MUST be completed prior to Receiving a Certificate of Financial Studies.