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    Student Return of BCPS/RHS Issued Materials
June 15th -19th, 2020
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

 One of our processes for closing this school year amid abruptly leaving the school building is returning personal belongings from lockers and returning school materials. Our goal is to make this a one-time drop off and pick up of materials. Please refer to the chart below regarding items that will be returned to the school.
Materials to return

Student Distribution and Collection Schedule

Due to a large amount of distribution, we will not be able to accommodate distributing several students’ personal belongings to one person. Parents/guardians will only be able to pick up his/her child’s possessions.


In order to protect yourself and our staff, please be sure to wear your face covering when you come to school.  If you drive to the school, remain in your vehicle unless you are directed to exit.  If you walk to school, always stay at least six feet away from other persons. Do not bring children or friends with you; leave children at home under the supervision of other family members, if possible.  Finally, if you are ill or under isolation or quarantine because of your own illness or that of close contact, please do not come to school.  Please contact a member of the school administration to make alternative arrangements.


The drive-through distribution site will take place in RHS’s main parking lot. Our pick-up and distribution will be divided into three stations: Check-in, Return of School Property, and Retrieval of Personal Items. There will be staff and signage to help guide you through this process.


The guidelines for each station are listed below:

STATION #1– Check-In

  • This first stop will be marked with an orange cone, a sign, and will have a staff person checking your name to expedite the process.
  • Families will print the student’s first/last name and grade level in dark ink on a large piece of paper and place it on the dashboard.

STATION #2 – Return of School Property

  • It will be marked with an orange cone and a sign.
  • Families will label the bag of items that are being returned to the school with the following information:
    • First and Last Name
    • Grade
    • List of Materials in the Bag
  • Remain in your car.
  • If you are able to open your trunk without getting out of your car, our staff will retrieve your child’s school property from the trunk. (preferred)
  • If you are unable to open your trunk without getting out of your car, our staff will retrieve your child’s school property from the back seat.
  • Walking families will drop off bagged student items at the designated location.

STATION #3 – Retrieval of Personal Items

  • It will be marked with an orange cone and a sign.
  • Staff will place a bag with your child’s items to be returned in the same location (trunk or back seat).
  • Walking families will retrieve items from appropriately marked tables.
  • Students will have the opportunity to clear all financial obligations.

STATION #4 – Diplomas and Awards(SENIORS ONLY)

  • Distribution of diplomas and awards.
  • An in-person celebration will be explored when it is safe to do so; however, students will have the opportunity to have their picture taken at the school by a staff member as they pick up their diploma at a table. Students may wear their cap and gown.
  • School leadership will communicate with families regarding access to student photos.
  • The graduate will be the only person in the photo; the staff cannot be part of the photo.
  • Family members must remain in the vehicle while the graduate secures his/her diploma and is photographed.

The one-time distribution and collection schedule is provided below. 

Return Schedule


If you are experiencing technical problems with any student issued device, please click the link below for instructions to request support.

BCPS Tech Support

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