Meet BCPS Face of the Week: Marcvellis McQueen, Rising Randallstown Senior

“Randallstown has a family feel, and I appreciate every moment of it. You can talk to any teacher, any staff person. They all really care. There is something for everyone at our school.” - Marcellis McQueen
Marcellis C. McQueen

As early as Grade 1, Marcellis was determined to become an educator, like his mother. The only issue was that he never saw male teachers. Not in elementary school. Not as he began middle school. 

But as his education continued, opportunities to join Educators Rising at (then) Old Court Middle School, meeting diverse male educators at Randallstown High School, connecting with mentors such as Douglas Handy, now executive director of equity and cultural proficiency, and participating in programs like the Black Male Teachers College at Bowie State University, have steadied Marcellis on the course toward becoming an educator and advocate.

Handy says of Marcellis, "His goal is to be a teacher, and he will be amazing: igniting fire in his students and helping them to set goals and work toward them. I know this because he is modeling it right now.”

Learn more about Marcellis and his story in the newest Face of the Week blog post.

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TheGolden Ram Marching Band [GRMB] invitesall Randallstown High School students to join themno musical experience is necessary  all beginners are welcome, needed, and encouraged.

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August 5th, 6 to 7 PM: Virtual Parent Information Meeting 
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Lyons Mill Elementary

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Randallstown Elementary

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Randallstown High

Scotts Branch Elementary

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Winand Elementary

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