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Celebrating 50 Years of Embodying a Tradition of Excellence

Dear Students, Parents, Families and Friends of Ram Nation, 
We’ve opened the doors of RHS to welcome students and will be working together to continue to strengthen our commitment to embodying a rich tradition of excellence and realizing our school’s mission. This year, Randallstown High School will be celebrating its 50th year of serving students and families. In honor of our golden anniversary, there will be many opportunities to pause and reflect on the impact our school community has had over so many years. 
We enter this year of celebration with much to be proud of. Our student enrollment continues to increase. Our attendance rate increased while our suspension rate continues to steadily decrease. These numbers show us that our teachers and students are in classrooms working hard, and the achievement results speak to this. Our PSAT mean scores have increased at every grade level: our 9th graders increased by 15 points, our 10th graders by 7 points and our 11th graders by 14 points. Teachers and leaders will continue to use this data to adjust instruction to provide more students with the instruction they need to meet and exceed college readiness benchmarks. We successfully transitioned to a new 1:1 blended learning instructional model that engaged students in the 21st century learning experiences they need to truly become global leaders. 
Each year, Randallstown continues to expand the experiences that we offer students to prepare them to be global leaders. This year, our Academy of Health Professions magnet program is growing to meet the needs of its first graduating cohort. We are welcoming an additional staff member and preparing for our students to complete their final field experiences and internships. Our learning spaces for this program have been transformed so that Randallstown High School students can learn and practice real world medical skills. This spring, 25 RHS seniors will graduate with robust academic and career experiences in the health professions that position them as leaders as they continue their education in these fields. 
Across the academic program, we are ecstatic to welcome 14 new highly qualified teachers to our team. Additionally, we have added a full time Social Emotional Learning teacher to ensure that we offer students opportunities to develop and grow the skills and mindsets they need to succeed in and beyond high school. This additional position will support our expansion of restorative practices to grow our students’ ability to make healthy, pro-social decisions, and strengthen our overall school culture. 
To support a close collaboration between home and school, and to ensure that counseling, support and instructional experiences are more tailored to student needs, please review the administrator and counselor caseloads below.  

RHS Administrator Caseloads SY19-20 

Grade 9 Administrator & Grade 10 [last names A-G], Glenn Hass

Grade 11 Administrator & Grade 10 [last names H-O], Jon Hughes

Grade 12 Administrator & Grade 10 [last names P-Z], Kelly Smith

RHS Counselor Caseloads SY18-19

Grade 9 Counselor &
Grade 10 Counselor (Last Names: A-G)

Kristina Boxley 

Grade 11 Counselor &
Grade 10 Counselor (Last Names: H-O)

Brielle Morris

Grade 12 Counselor &
Grade 10 Counselor (Last Names: P-Z)

Jennifer Stine 

Shedana Hayes-Agent

RHS College & Career Counselor

Please also note that the school day bell schedule has been adjusted for the 2019-2020 school year. The day will start at 7:25 and conclude at 1:55.  
I look forward to another excellent year at Randallstown High School. 
Serving students in excellence, 
Mr. Aubrey P. Brown, Jr.