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Embodying a Tradition of Excellence

August 17, 2018
Dear Students, Parents, Families and Friends of Rams Nation,

I trust that you are enjoying a safe, restful and re-energizing summer. That exciting time where we anticipate and open the 2018-2019 school year is here!

When we reopen the doors of RHS to welcome students, we will be working together to continue to strengthen our commitment to embodying a rich tradition of excellence and realizing our school’s mission.

We ended the 2017-2018 school year with much to be proud of. This year, we will continue to build on our work from last school year to reach new levels of excellence and success. We are so very proud that the class of 2018 achieved a 92% graduation rate. We are excited to grow our college and career readiness programming further with an expansion of counseling support and programming, and a refined focus on strategic support for students and families navigating the college application and matriculation milestones. We will be welcoming an additional counselor to our team to support this important work. Across the academic program, we are ecstatic about our teacher retention ratewe have retained almost all of our highly qualified and highly effective instructional staff members and have added a number of new, experienced and qualified team members to the RHS faculty. Among our new hires are several newly added faculty positions. BCPS supported our strategic academic plan by awarding RHS additional staffing. We are excited that this will allow us to offer smaller class sizes in key content areas and a more robust offering of electivesall of this will support greater achievement and success for our students. We will offer, for the first time, a research-based approach to supporting our 9th graders in making a successful transition to high school with a teaming structure. We will continue to expand our use of restorative practices to grow our students’ ability to make healthy, pro-social decisions, and strengthen our overall school culture.

In order for our students to have the compelling high school experience they deserve, and to develop the co-curricular and social skills they need to live full, successful lives after high school, we will continue to grow our program offerings. This year, we are excited to re-launch our performing arts program with the rebirth of our school’s marching band: “The Golden Rams. We have also added a vocal music instructor to our vocal music instructional program. Be sure to come and celebrate our expanded instrumental and vocal music program throughout the year.

Our physical learning environment communicates our respect and expectations to our students. We are thrilled with the continued improvements to our physical campus. This year our athletic program will take the track and field on a new state-of-the-art turf field. Our stadium will be equipped with lights so that competitions can continue after the sun goes down.

One of our most exciting updates and challenges as a school this year will be our transition to a 1:1 blended learning environment. This year, we will roll out individual student devices and transform our instructional program to offer students a true 21st Century learning experience.

4000 Offutt Road, Randallstown, MD 21133 Ph: (443) 809 0478 F: 443-809-0759

Embodying a Tradition of Excellence

To support a close collaboration between home and school, and to ensure that counseling, support and instructional experiences are more tailored to student needs, please review the administrator and counselor caseloads below.

RHS Administrator Caseloads SY18-19

Grade 9 Administrator

Grade 11 Administrator

Grade 12 Administrator

Grade 10 Administrator (Last Names: A-G)

Jonathan Hughes

Grade 10 Administrator (Last Names: H-O)

Kelly Smith

Grade 10 Administrator (Last Names: P-Z)

Michael Jones

RHS Counselor Caseloads SY18-19

Grade 9 Counselor &
Grade 10 Counselor (Last Names: A-G)

Brielle Hendricks

Grade 11 Counselor &
Grade 10 Counselor (Last Names: H-O)

Jennifer Stine

Grade 12 Counselor &
Grade 10 Counselor (Last Names: P-Z)

Kristina Boxley

Shedana Hayes-Agent

RHS College & Career Counselor

In support of a smooth and positive launch to SY18-19, there are several important upcoming events.

Thursday, August 30, 2018 (7:15am - 11:10am)
th Grade Orientation Day

Thursday, September 20, 2018 (5:00pm - 7:00pm)
RHS Back to School Night

All rising 9th graders should attend this transition day.

Lunch will be provided to all participating ninth grade students.

Parents and guardians of students in grades 9-12 should attend this evening opportunity to meet teachers and learn about the upcoming school year.

I look forward to another excellent year at Randallstown High School. Serving students in excellence,

Mr. Aubrey P. Brown, Jr. Principal

4000 Offutt Road, Randallstown, MD 21133 Ph: (443) 809 0478 F: 443-809-0759 

Download The Principal's Welcome Back Letter Below

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