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Final Exam Schedule

Final Exams:

Periods 1A and 2A

Final Exams: Periods 3B and 4B

Final Exams:

Periods 3A and 4A

Final Exams: Exams 1B and 2B

Final Exam Makeup Day


June 13, 2016


June 14, 2016


June 15, 2016


June 16, 2016




June 17, 2016

Our Mission

We inspire, we encourage and we strengthen each member of the Randallstown High School community to embody excellence. We cultivate the knowledge, the skills and the mindsets of life-long learning and leadership necessary to enhance and transform our world and our communities.

Our Vision

Randallstown High School will equip every student to access and succeed in college and career. We will model, practice and reinforce collaboration, reasoning, problem-solving and communication in authentic and real-world contexts that guide students through visible and replicable pathways to success. Randallstown High School will promote pride by serving as a cohesive example of excellence in all of our endeavors.




Randallstown Speaker Series from Baltimore County Public Schools on Vimeo.